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We Build Synergies between Corporates and Startups


Corporate Lab

There comes a time for corporations when internal innovation efforts can no longer keep up. There is a need to find new energies and powerful ideas quickly, as if your company was a startup. LAB is the solution: we combine real world experience, startups and corporate resources, to explore and define new businesses to bring to the market in an agile way.
This is what we call open innovation.

What We Do:

  • Innovation Bootcamp
  • Open Innovation with access to our ecosystem
  • Corporate Venture Strategy

Startup Radar

Every year, we sift through hundreds of startups, read dozens of business plans and financial statements, and talk to countless founders. So, you do not have to. We choose only the best: whether you want to innovate or diversify your portfolio, we can tell you which startups are most suitable for your company. STARTUP RADAR: we always have our eyes open for you.

What we do:

  • Creation of Corporate Venture Units
  • Startup Scouting, Mapping, and Customized Venture Dashboard
  • Direct meetings with Teams and Founders

Deal Analysis

Your company needs to evaluate a single startup to achieve a specific goal (identify partners, acquire talent or technology). Which one is the best? What are the rules of the game? We will tell you: we analyze team and business, define the best collaboration, and kick it off. DEAL!

What We Do:

  • Deal Management Advisory
  • Startup Analysis
  • Startup Valuation

Growth Advisory

It is like a growth path, tailored for your startups. Shared knowledge, relationships, synergies with the company and results measurement: everything you would do to support your startup portfolio.

What We Do:

  • Strategic Partner Relations
  • Financial Controlling
  • Business Development

Venture Club

Together, we go further: our CLUB is the community of entrepreneurs that systematizes knowledge and relationships to enable and track the most promising startups over time. Welcome to the CLUB.

What We Do:

  • Deal Selection
  • Strategic Network Activation
  • In-depth Meetings

Our new way to bring Corporate Ventures

Case Studies

Our in-house developed approach

Together with you, we are your ideal corporate innovation team

Andrea Crudeli

Founding Partner


Mario Rizzola Pasotti

Founding Partner


Giacomo Mollo

Founding Partner

Mikkel Draebye

Partner, Scientific Advisor


Alessandro Mininno

Partner, Digital & Branding Advisor


Fabrizio Martire

Partner, Digital & Branding Advisor


Edoardo Molinari

Innovation and Venture Analyst


What makes us innovators?

+4000 startups per year

analyzed and vetted, across the EU and USA ecosystems

Elevating the work of C-Levels

working directly side by side with the innovation team of multinational corporations

Investors and

in early-stage startups, venture funds, national and international accelerators

We teach Innovation and Corporate Venture

in the best Italian and foreign universities. We are teachers, lecturers and consultants

Experience as
Corporate Executives

in multinationals and multi-generational companies, holding decision making and strategic roles

A Hands-On Multi Skilled Team

of experts in venture capital, acceleration, finance, digital products, research and academia