Our Method:
Proven and Tested


We support you in positioning your company for the future.

Economic and consumption changes have reached unprecedented speeds: disruptive technologies such as AI, big data, and IoT, hypercompetitive markets, preferences and habits of new generations, the reduction in costs and time needed to launch new startups have created an increasingly unstable environment. To excel and remain competitive, companies must react quickly, managing their own business and exploring new markets. For large companies, startups may seem like a threat: we help you turn them into an opportunity. Our Corporate Venture approach guides you into these new markets to access innovation, in line with your business strategies. 


Our ecosystem at your disposal.

Funds, accelerators and incubators, research centers and universities, targeted databases. Being connected to the right innovation ecosystem makes a difference. We have antennas in Silicon Valley and in the most successful international markets. We aim to activate the channels best suited to your goals to allow you to seize the best opportunities.


We create a specific innovation committee, together with you.

We are not experts in all sectors and we are aware that no one knows the dynamics of your industry better than you do. We handle the analysis of startups and we know how to work as a team: that's why we start by forming a winning corporate venture team. We combine your technical skills with our innovation and venture capital expertise. We leverage dedicated resources, customized work tools, constant updates, and regular meetings: we jointly analyze the selected opportunities from different perspectives, based on metrics, results, carefully evaluating the entrepreneurial teams and the developed solutions.


We clearly define the objectives and the unique value we want to create for the company and for the startups.

Together with the innovation committee and key C-Levels, we precisely define the focus of the Corporate Venture strategy: what technologies to identify, the type of engagement with startups, their maturity stage, budget, investment tickets and win-win synergies. The better we set the key criteria, the more value we will be able to create for the company and the startups.


We support and strengthen the Research and Development department

Corporate Venturing is a great ally for the R&D department: an extension that enhances the company's skills to identify agile technologies and innovations developed externally and already validated by the market. Today, both tech and low-tech large companies seek innovation in startups outside their own perimeter. We help you do the same, gradually internalizing new solutions and optimizing development costs.


We create new and relevant acquisition opportunities.

Corporate Venturing is also functional and strategic to identify opportunities to diversify the product and service portfolio by creating new lines of business. Adopting this approach allows long-term innovation and selecting opportunities for future acquisitions, getting involved in high-potential projects and supporting their growth. Gradual involvement based on performance helps to calibrate investments, reducing the risk of failure and weighing acquisition choices.


We facilitate growth and collaboration between corporates and startups, bringing a new entrepreneurial culture inside your company.

Startups and companies often speak different languages: timing, needs, budgets. We have experienced both worlds and want to help you find the right fit. From the analysis phase of collaboration or investment to the management of the portfolio and growth phase.

There are many gradual and winning ways to collaborate: field tests, becoming customers of the startup thus helping it to grow, tying investments to performance. This approach helps the company and startups get to know and influence each other: the dynamic and courageous culture of startups can be a source of managerial inspiration, generating methodological and business insights.