Case Studies:
Corporate Ventures

Corporate Venturing for a multinational company leading the luxury paper sector.

We support the company in identifying startups in the areas of paper, adhesives, and RFID.

We have formed an innovation committee together with the company, involving C-level executives and various business units with which we analyze selected startups for potential partnerships or investments.

A startup radar for a leading company that manufactures professional coffee machines.

After defining the corporate venture strategy together with the management, we support the company in identifying startups in the IoT space to integrate into their business. We select targeted international early stage startups and conduct in-depth analyses to support the corporation choose between tactical partnerships or equity investments.

The Club for food companies that believe in sustainability.

The Sustainable Foods Club is the startup club curated by iN3 Ventures for corporates in the food sector.

Every month, we select startups in the Food Production and Food Product verticals. We share the best opportunities with the corporate club members.

A startup radar for an Italian manufacturing excellence.

The world of manufacturing is rapidly changing thanks to new digital technologies and robotics applied to industrial processes.

We have worked alongside the next generation of executives of an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of supply chain systems. The goal was to discover opportunities in highly innovative startups that are functional to the company's evolution.

Crafting the retail store of the future for an American fashion brand.

In order to redesign a flagship store and completely rethink the shopping experience for Gen Z, we led an innovation workshop involving artists, creatives, startup founders, and the C-Levels within the company.

The result was an innovative prototype ready to be tested in the market.

A new circular economy model for a group of agricultural corporations.

Together with senior company executives, we formed an agile working team to study innovative startup solutions and define a circular economy business model to transform agricultural and food supply chain waste into energy.

A new entrepreneurial project born within an historic Italian company.

We supported the innovation of a food company by completely rethinking and planning the launch of a new innovative product: an "easy carb" pasta, for those who follow a balanced diet and have little time to cook.

An innovative startup launched by a leading company in the green energy sector.

The green energy sector is in full expansion, and corporations are launching internal startup projects and testing high-potential future trends.

We supported the company in defining the valuation of its new internal startup and provided assistance with an Partner Relations plan to a visionary CEO in the world of energy management.

An innovative business model for the launch of a new "brain food" product.

Scientific research in the food industry is leading to the discovery of new recipes with great benefits for a person's physical and cognitive health.

We assisted visionary CEOs of established companies who wanted to seize new opportunities: together, we defined a new business model and supported the team during the launch and testing phase to quickly find the best sales formula.